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  • Is AquaFlask an original/authentic brand?
    Aquaflask is an original brand of insulated water flasks. 100% authentic.
  • Where is AquaFlask Bottle made?
    Aquaflask is designed in California, USA and manufactured overseas.
  • Why is AquaFlask cheaper than other local and international brands?
    Aquaflask is cheaper and more affordable that other brands because of the straight pricing from our manufacturer. We reduce other non-essential costs of dealers, distributors and costly marketing/advertising expense.
  • How is the quality of AquaFlask?
    Aquaflask bottles are made of the same high quality material with that of other brands. It passed through global quality standards of vacuum flasks.
  • Why is there condensation in my flask?
    Condensation usually happens on the upper part where the cap/lid is located. This is normal because the cap is made of thermoplastic material. As far as product development goes, the double wall insulation technology can only be done to the actual flask that holds the liquid. Rest assure, this will not affect the temperature inside the flask. If condensation occurs on the actual flask, do let us know and we will assist you on this matter.
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